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Vormdesign - Steve Lukather

Website design proposals for by Vormdesign
- Design is based on the used website-structer, only the images need to be replaced.
- Logo made with head of Steve Lukather (can be used for T-shirts, print, etc. )
- Top images are compilations of picturers of Steve, his gear his enviroment in black and white and brown. The logo, name and his picture are the basic elements. - The background can be changed behind eacht item or made random.
- in these design proposals several logo's and colours.Color: black, brown, gris, white and earth colors.
Style: personal, stylish and one of his kind.
Opdrachtgever: Arend Slagman
Opdrachtomschrijving: vrijbljivend voorstel voor redesign gebaseerd op de huidige interface indeling (vanwege het contentmanagment systeem).
Foto's: Martin Bosker

Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather
Steve Lukather
Steve Lukather
Steve Lukather